taylor bow - taylor bow

Saturday, September 02, 2006

taylorbow - taylor bow

Taylor portrays herself as a nice girl from the us of A and she has hobbies
. One of her favorite hobbies is to date a nice guy who does everything for her she could ever ask for, and then dump him, break his heart and grind it into little pieces on the ground. I don't know she dumped a perfectly good guy (and I am sure she will regret it in the long run) but maybe it was because she is a GOLD DIGGING WEASEL! After she dumped the best man she will ever have, she found a new one. This new one was an ugly stupid fuck but she didn't care, he had a real nice ride. But that relationship didn't last long because I found another guy with an even nicer car!. He fucked my loose pussy about 35 different ways and she sucked his dick a whole bunch because I am too white trash poor to buy good hair care products and she like to put his baby batter up there.

taylor bow